6" Inch X 9" Inch Metalize Standup Pouch with Zipper

5.00 /Piece
Pack Qty : 100 Pieces

6" Inch X 9" Inch Metalized standup pouches with zipper are crafted with v-notch for an easy-to-tear option. These pouches are also approved for microwaving and sterilization, thus making them ideal for many environmental applications, including cold aisle retail, ICMS, food, long-term storage, and many more. The attractive metalized look of the pouch with Top quality food-grade material.  

Ideal for storage and keeping safe various products like dry nuts, fruits, buttons, pins, coins, stamps, spices, etc. You can fill different products in pouches with different quantities as mentioned in the table. 


Product Weight
Sugar 600 gm
Salt 700 gm
Dust Tea 350 gm
Kabuli Chana 600 gm
Desi Chana 600 gm
Rice 600 gm
Moong 600 gm
Jeera Whole 350 gm
Rai 500 gm
Chili Powder 300 gm
Turmeric Powder 400 gm
Dhana Powder 300 gm
Garam Masala 350 gm
Wheat Floor 450 gm
Besan 300 gm
Detergent Powder 700 gm